‘Arrow’ “Streets of Fire” Sneak Peek


May 12th, 2014


The CW’s ‘Arrow‘ has only two more hours before the second season closes and every second will count, quite literally. Tomorrow night’s penultimate installment “Streets of Fire” will see Oliver going real-time to deal with the chaos of Slade’s attack on the city, though first he and Laurel will have to free themselves following the events of last week’s “City of Blood.” Watch a superheroic future teased in the first clip from tomorrow night’s ‘Arrow’ thriller “Streets of Fire”!

Our first look at this weeks installment in motion sees Laurel and Oliver picking up in the aftermath of a confrontation with Slade’s super-soldier army. The two end up separated by a collapse in the sewer ceilings, forcing Laurel to pick up Oliver’s bow and direct one of the explosive arrows at the debris separating them. It’ll be a long journey between this and Laurel one day taking up the mantle of Black Canary from her sister, but it’s certainly a start.

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